Bringing our Catholic identity to life

Every decision that a board makes and every policy that it formulates should be illumined by the light of faith and should be permeated with the Gospel spirit of love and freedom.

Every member of a school board plays an important role in nurturing and strengthening the Catholic identity of the school. You are challenged to be aware of the joys and sorrows, the celebrations and struggles of the families served by the school. This involves listening to the details of everyday life in the school community.

Formation is an invaluable tool in the life of your board. Common elements of this may include times of prayer and reflection and celebration of the Eucharist, as well as opportunities for members to come together for social activities.

As it goes about its work, your board will determine the formation that is appropriate to its needs and circumstances. In your school, many different cultural groups and family structures may be evident. Students may be rich within the Catholic tradition or may represent a variety of Christian denominations and religious traditions, while others have little or no connection with church.

While the background of each member of the community must be respected, the mission of Catholic Education is to generate a clear synthesis between the Catholic faith and the life experiences and cultures of all members in the community of the school. Your school board should be constructed so that the diversity of the school community is well represented and the religious mission of the school is well focused and executed.

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