Skills you need for a school board (for Parents)

What skills do I need to join the school board?

The biggest strength you can bring to your school's board is your love and passion for your child's school.

Your school board is also looking for people with the ability to think strategically or provide insights into specific areas such as finance or marketing.

Overall, school boards work best when parents and members of the community contribute their own professional experiences and knowledge to ensure that their school is running efficiently and effectively.

Potential members of a school board should:

  • possess an enthusiasm for and willingness to promote the mission of Catholic schools
  • bring to the board their gifts and skills
  • desire to give service to their school community
  • have an ability to work cooperatively and constructively with all members of the board
  • be prepared to undertake formation
  • have an ability and desire to uphold confidentiality in board matters
  • have sufficient time to devote to board duties
  • have a current police check clearance through the Screening and Verification Authority

More information on the criteria for school board membership can be found in Section 9 of the 'Manual for School Board Members'.

“Some of the characteristics that are important (for a board member) are to be collaborative; to be a strategic thinker … to be community minded.”

Uby Faddoul, Former Board Chair

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