Working with school leadership

The benefits of working with school leadership

Effective communication and true partnership in everything from master planning through to strategic planning for the school and the community is the work of the board and school leadership. They work together for the benefit of the school.

  • That then opens the doors for school leadership to identify the strengths and opportunities by having the board members as partners and utilising those strengths to achieve the many outcomes that a school needs to.
  • Once you work together with a board and a school leadership, it opens up the opportunities for the school.
  • The way they should work together is around strategic planning and open and honest communication partnering with parents and families.
  • It’s about building trust with the leadership of the school so that a board, whether that is governance based or advisory, allows them to carry out their role effectively.
  • It’s a bigger picture view and enables your school leadership to flourish with the wisdom of representatives of the community.

"A board works well when they recognise that they are acting on behalf of the whole community and not on behalf of special interest groups .. "

Sue Young, Assistant Director

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